SLDJ Media Player

  • two desks sound media player (MP3, WAV, OGG)
  • simple control and UI
  • streaming to IceCast / ShoutCast servers
  • very simple ID3 tag editor
  • very simple playlist editor
  • microphone input (control level of playing songs)
  • VST plugins connect ability (some plugins may not work)
  • freeware forever
    Based on famous BASS library and programmed with CodeTyphon Studio (FreePascal)

10.5.2021 – after turning on streaming the program freeze – fixed

06.05.2021 – Updated to version 0.99.7
– added MIDI controller
– some improvements again 😉

2.4.2021 – Updated to version
– huge improvements in speed
– switch output/input without restart
– solved some bugs

28.3.2021 – Updated to version 0.99.6

– main volume does not change during playback, with the
microphone on and switch between decks at the same
time (partly solved)
– if you find a problem, write me please –> 😉